Houston Haiku

Houston: our home now - We show the world your secrets - Haiku is the guide

Monday, February 27, 2006

Swayze Comes Home

Houston's son from the
rise of Red Dawn to the fall
of Havana Nights

Brunch at the O.C.

Patio dining
Beautiful weather; alas
hour wait for salad?

Iguana at Cockrell Butterfly Center

Lazy iguana,
Do you disdain the frantic
flights of butterflies?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Found: One Pair of Underwear

Orphaned underpants
in the Allen House hallway
whose balls will you warm?
-by Commonplace

Lone sporty boxers
Someone is freeballin' now
Do you feel a draft?
-by HaikuHou

Hermann Park flower

Starbright in sunlight
A showy sign of springtime
No more soggy days!

Dear Gator, My Camera Does Not Do You Justice

Marvelous gator
my own private dinosaur
at Brazos Bend park

Ode to a blurry city

Four million Texans
Too much god meets urban sprawl
Good barbeque though